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They call it Strip Monopoly… Freshy calls it the story of his life…

In LOLs on 12/30/2008 at 8:09 PM

Lego Hip Hop Covers

In Muzak on 12/29/2008 at 11:54 PM

Here’s are some of the Freshy hip hop faves; Lego-rized!

You know what? Just go here. They are pretty much all good albums, except Wyclef.. Sorry, just not a fan… Lego Foreva!!

EPick Music

In Muzak on 12/29/2008 at 6:36 AM

For ol’ time sake, and just cause I think the muzak is real good! You come a long way Pick, well “six inches” long way! Support the starving artist:

The Vids:

Darth Vader being a dick!

In LOLs on 12/27/2008 at 9:54 PM

Most of us know that Darth is a dick! First, he goes and joins the Dark Side, then tries to take over the universe, tries to kill his son, and kills those cute Ewoks. Now add “difficult to work with…” to the list… It’s Fresh when people use simple editing to create humor!


iPhone barf bag

In Tech on 12/27/2008 at 9:28 PM

Do recessions (I like to call this period a “RePression”) encourage innovation? Here’s a great and FREE solution to them long airplane rides. Next time Freshy flies out to Asia or Europa, he will be asking for an extra barf bag. Indeed, this is “Air-Sick;” “I say it’s “Air-Fresh!,” or although the smell maybe “Unfresh”…

Freshy’s Wish List- The PUMA Offshore Racing Jacket

In The Threads on 12/24/2008 at 8:54 PM

Freshy used to work for Puma, and helped bring the brand back from the dead in the early 2000’s. So this panda has a soft spot for their warez. Freshy’s far better on land then sea, but NORAD Santa if you are listening- add this Offshore Racing Jacket on the list please! I think this is semi-DoPe!

Yeah! they kno how to get “sideways”! (“Drift”) 🙂

Toyota Corolla AE 86.. One of Freshy’s All Time Faves

In Rides on 12/24/2008 at 2:41 AM

Ah… The second car I’ve always wanted. Now, gotta work on getting the first one. The Panda paint job is F-R-E-S-H!!

But wait!, this panda has heard that Toyota is coming out with the New “AE86”???

Yeah… I don’t kno… It looks pretty cool, but where’s the popup headlights? Also too rounded to identify with the AE86; kinda like the boxiness of the original. New one’s not bad at all tho…

And another…

In Photography on 12/24/2008 at 1:59 AM

A Freshy Original

In Photography on 12/24/2008 at 1:10 AM

This Panda like to have his paws on a lot of different things, and the photo arts is one of them. Excuse of Photomatix watermarks on some of the upcommin ones; Freshy’s savin up for the full version.

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The Joe Hursley Show

In LOLs on 12/23/2008 at 11:33 PM

This dude, as the those West-coast Pandas would say, is “Rad”!!! You might know Joe Hursley as the Rocker guy in the movie “Accepted”..? On the subject of stealin, he also stole that movies as well; killed it!

VW better pay for them brand impressions they got! 🙂